Important documents

The important documents mentioned below stipulate the rules for using HoppyGo service. If you wish to use HoppyGo service, please read these important documents carefully since they also stipulate your rights and obligations.

For ease of reference, a brief summary of the Terms and conditions is available emphasizing the most significant parts and covenants. It is, however, impossible to rely only on said summary. These Terms and conditions in their entire extent and with all their implications shall always prevail.

Important documents

Insurance Information

HoppyGo acts as a supplementary insurance intermediary under the Insurance Distribution Act. You can find the documents describing the products here:

This information is provided through a website; you have a choice between a material (paper) form and a web page, by making an order you choose to receive the information via Terms and Conditions. This is considered a reasonable form with respect to the insurance type that allows the information to be reproduced. You can ask customer service to send you the insurance information in material (paper) form.