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What is HoppyGo?
HoppyGo is a service that connect people that own cars and dont use them every day with people that sometimes need them. We are a group of innovation-driven shared economy fans, which would like to change the way people think of car ownership and improve the environment by decreasing the number of owned cars sitting idle in parking spots around European cities.

This can be best explained on an example. Cars that arent used for 100% of the time by their owners are shared with others, that dont own cars, or need a different type of car than they have. For example, a truck for moving a wardrobe, a roadster for a romantic trip towards the sunset or a minivan for a family vacation. HoppyGo isn’t a car rental company with it’s own fleet. We provide the platform to connect and facilitate car rentals between our users.

What interests the owner

Renting a car through HoppyGo has several advantages – first, it is an additional source of income, you will help the environment, because one shared car can replace up to 8 unshared cars. Finally, it is safer than to lend your car on your people of your own choosing with our insurance, as regular accident insurance does not include fraud coverage (protecting your car from theft from a 3rd person). And yes, this is part of our insurance.

Renting out your car is not recommended to strangers outside our application, even if you do have your own emergency insurance. In 99% of cases, accident insurance does not apply if you rent a car for money to a third party. Another issue is that if you lend a car to someone and he/she doesn't return it to you, this scenario is not considered theft from the insurance company's point of view, it’s classified as fraud. However, if you rent a car via HoppyGo, fraud coverage is included in the emergency insurance package of the vehicle. In addition, we guarantee the payment of your commission, as soon as the rental is over and completed in our app the money is secured for you.

We are very glad that you want to add your car to the HoppyGo family. We approve cars that are newer than 15 years, and have an odometer reading of less than 300000kms. We approve each vehicle individually. So as long as it’s your car and it meets these requirements, don't be afraid to add them. For information to walk you through this process please see instructions here:

Sneaky question:) We do not have these stats because it depends on several factors, as in location of the vehicle, fixed rental prices, the age of the car, its mileage, equipment, and last but not least the speed the owner responses to the demand. In General, the biggest interest is in larger cities/towns.

When you put your vehicle in our app, the system calculates Its current market price through Cebia and, accordingly, will propose an approximate rental price. As the system does not take into account the vehicle's equipment, its condition, or the location where you are offering it from, we will help you determine the right value for your car. You can then adjust the price you want for your car by a range of 50% up or down from our recommendation. This configured amount, multiplied by the number of days rented, will be sent to your account after each completed loan.

This is a great question! Photos Sell! So we recommend that you take the most stunning photos you can of your car. In case you need help, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help with the shooting. Another way to increase desire is Equipment; do you have a free baby seat, roof box for skis, your truck has a towing hitch, or above standard equipment? Fill it in the advantages of the profile and do not forget to consider it in the rental price, or you can lend out this extra equipment for an extra cost, just write it in the profile section. Other attractions are quick response to requests or the possibility of a vehicle drop-off. Also, be sure to update your availability calendar periodically, especially during the weekends and public holidays, as this is where there is an increased demand.

Yes, it is possible. All you have to do is confirm that you have the right to rent out the car to a third party for a fee. This is the responsibility of the car owner. For more inquiries please contact our info line or email us. If you do not have this authorization, your insurance company may be able to refuse to fulfill your claim in case of an insured event so make sure you check with them first.

Our commission is 20%. By these means we cover the necessary operating costs such as; developing and improving our application, running our call center (which operates daily including holidays from 9:00 to 21:00).

There are several variations:

a) The Vehicle is in commercial property (legal person or entrepreneurial person)
In this case, the income is considered taxable income in the course of the business of the legal persons, or the entrepreneurial persons, and must be included in the relevant tax return.

b) The Vehicle is in the property of non-enterprising persons
In this case it is necessary to monitor the amount of occasional income from this activity. If it exceeds 30 000 CZK per year, it is necessary to file this income according to effective tax laws (Act No. 586/1992 Coll. on income taxes as other income under § 10). If the occasional income does not exceed 30 000 CZK per year, then this income is non-taxable.

Please note, this information cannot be considered complete. You are obliged to familiarize yourself with effective legislation. We also recommend consulting with an accounting officer.

First of all, we would like to ask you to regularly update the car’s availability calendar to avoid unfulfillable user requests. Refusing requests can cause your rating to drop, and can also cause disappointment to the driver that’s chosen your vehicle when it’s not actually available but still visible in the system. In addition, we recommend responding to inquiries as quickly as possible, or providing a phone contact to the driver and arranging the loan handover over the phone. Finally, on the day of the handover, please have your vehicle tidy, and ideally fully refueled, and of course please keep the car regularly serviced. Learn more here.

The driver must pay the full rental fee included in the final rental price and has up to 100 or 200 km per day free of charge depending on the length of the rental. Anything above this threshold is subject to a charge for you as over-limit kilometers. The basic recommended rate is 3 CZK / km. Furthermore, there is the additional car insurance (if you do not have your own), assistance service and, if you pay extra, liability insurance. The price does not include fuel - this is paid by the driver himself. His main duty is to communicate with you, return the vehicle in the same condition it was provided; meaning if the tank was full, it should be returned full, and if it was clean and vacuumed when it was picked up it should be returned in the same condition.

The HoppyGo system automatically reduces the cost per day when it sets rental pricing for more days. These ranges are as follows: 3-6 days is a 20% discount, 7-13 days is a 30% discount, more than 14 days is a 40% discount and more than 30 days is a 50% discount. These discounts reflect the market standard for longer rentals, so that even in the case of a longer lease, customers can use a HoppyGo car rather than a classic rental car.

Insurance Info

It Is necessary that you, as the car owner, have closed liability. Through our application, the vehicle is protected with accidental insurance, vandalism, natural disasters, fraud and theft. More here. If you have a car that’s already self-insured as for a car rental company, the above-mentioned point does not apply. Once you have submitted your car, colleagues our fleet operations team will request an insurance contract and enter Individual insurance to our system. Cars with own insurance are marked with a special icon in the app. The detailed conditions may be requested by the drive. The condition is always shown in the demand window for each vehicle separately. In addition to the above mentioned insurance, the Driver may also pay liability insurance for the loan. Interested in more information? See the Our policy conditions In the Important Links section.

Chapter of damage to vehicle, vehicle breakage during rental, damage and fines

Prepare the green card and the car’s “small form technical document.” When you meet the driver, take many photos of the car - at least 8, including the interior (this is necessary in the event of an insured event or interior contamination). If you have the impression that the driver has been drinking (or is under the influence of a controlled substance), or a stranger (not the same driver who booked the car or on the ID provided) shows up, you have the right to refuse the handover. Let us know about this situation right away (either by phone +420 220 311 769 or by Messenger). It’s also very important that you do not hand over the car if the rental payment has not been completed. You can also learn more about the rental process.

As part of the services provided by HoppyGo, the basic price includes the assistance service contractually agreed with UNIQA Insurance. They will take care of the tenant throughout Europe and provide a replacement car. As far as liability is concerned, it depends on whether the malfunction occurred due to improper servicing of the vehicle or if it’s fully the tenant's fault. Obviously, if the vehicle is mistreated, the lessee pays the repair. If it is found that, for example, your clutch is long overdue and regular service has not been followed, the repair is unfortunately on you as the owner of the car.

The driver is responsible for any damage to the car that occurs due to their improper behavior or damages caused while in possession of the vehicle. Therefore he/she will pay for all repairs or costs incurred to bring the vehicle back to its pre-rental condition. In case of loss of documents, please inform us by phone or email so that we can suspend the tenant's deposit and possibly cover your damage. We also provide tenants with the option of signing up for a “stupidity insurance” which covers scenarios like it they fill up with an incorrect fuel type, or leave a window open in the rain. You can find the full coverage details of the insurance policy here (in Czech only).

If you did not clarify this prior, by chatting through the app or by phone, and the driver intentionally extends the rental loan then everything is still billed out through HoppyGo. The first half hour over the arranged time is free of charge, and each additional hour is then charged according to our applicable penalties.

If this happens, please call us immediately or contact us on Messenger. All vehicles that have an accident insurance covered by HoppyGo and are insured against fraud. In this case, it is not about theft, but fraud, as you voluntarily rented the car and handed it to the driver. However, rest assured that you are covered.

If the renter returns a vehicle with less fuel, there are two options - either agree with the driver to give you cash for refueling, and set the same fuel level reading in the application as at the beginning of the rental, or when returning the vehicle you record the actual fuel level of the tank in the application and HoppyGo calculates the fuel surcharge. The surcharge is calculated only for vehicles with a diesel or petrol engine (this is why we ask you about the volume of the fuel tank when registering). The price of fuel is determined by the Travel Compensation Act and the calculation is as follows: difference in fuel % of tank x tank volume x central price of fuel (plus an additional 3CZK per liter added).

However, if the renter returns a vehicle with a larger amount of fuel than during the handover, a mutual agreement is required, in which case you hand over the cash for the fuel to the renter. Ideally, the tenant will present a receipt, according to which you will calculate the amount to be paid.

First of all, call us immediately at our info line +420 220 311 769, and send us a copy of the fine on our email. We will check whether the fine has been paid by the owner. If so, we will contact the driver for reimbursement. If the user does not want to pay the fine or does not cooperate, we have several options. As for the fine from the territory of the Czech Republic, you as the owner have the right to report HoppyGo as a culprit and send the attached form to the appropriate authority. In the case of a foreign fine, we recommend that you call our info line, and send us a copy of the fine so we can check it. You then pay the fine and send us the final amount, including bank transfer fees. We will reimburse you for the costs of the fine and we will deal with the driver further. In any case, we guarantee the payment of the fine.

As an owner, you are not fined financially for any rejection of a request or for canceling an already confirmed reservation. However, our system will show your vehicle with lower ranking and this will cause your rating to drop. If you want to avoid this, block the car availability using the calendar carefully, especially during public holidays; Christmas and Easter, when anytime there is an increased demand. If you must cancel the confirmed request, let the driver know as soon as possible, or call us and we will help him or her find another car.

If the driver cancels on the request more than 72 hours prior to the handover, he or she will not be fined. If it is canceled less than 3 days before handover, you are entitled to compensation of up to 50% of the rental price. However, the claim is not automatic, therefore we recommend that you always contact our info line +420 220 311 769, to confirm.

Drivers can return the car to the owner even prior to the booked return date without having to inform our customer service. But we would like to point out to the drivers that unless they are returning a car for serious reasons (such as a breakdown for example), they will still pay the entirety of the original loan amount.

If you need to use this option, we recommend choosing a reliable family member or friend who will take the handover process over from you. Then will need to have access to your application and be familiar with the rental process and its rules, so make sure this is done as well.

What interests the driver

Are you at least 18 years old? Do you have a valid ID card (or passport) and driver’s license? Do you own a smartphone with internet access? If yes to all of these, then just download our app, take a picture of both sides of your driver’s license and the application automatically reads the necessary data. Then just review and confirm the data in the fields and make any needed edits. If your information is approved by our scoring system, your profile will be approved in seconds. From the first visit to the website, or initial launch of the app, you could be registered and have your dream car confirmed in minutes. You can download the app from App Store or Google Play.

First of all, we need to know if you are a holder of a valid B class driving license. We need your identity card again to confirm your identity and in order to take out your personal insurance. Last but not least, you are put through an internal scoring that requires checking these documents. Our company is committed to data protection and strictly follows all GDPR principles.

You likely haven't passed our internal scoring, which includes a check of any debt you might have. If you disagree with this assessment, you need to provide proof of release from the debtors register to our email.

If you rent a car through the app, you can get it billed with an invoice. VAT deductible vehicles are labeled and can be filtered for through the application. Please fill in your company billing information and we will send you an invoice.

At HoppyGo we try to be as transparent as possible. When booking, you can see the price broken into individual line items - the price for renting a car for a specified period of time, the price for car insurance (if the owner does not provide it) and the 100 or 200 km per day depending on the length of the rental. You pay for fuel yourself. If the owner gives you a full tank, return it to the same fuel level. You can also learn how to calculate the rental price here.

Money to cover the deposit and pre-calculated rent will be debited from your account when the owner confirms the reservation. So please be careful to have enough funds in your account at that time. The final billing will then take place upon return. Supplemental and overpayments are automatically billed. Once the completed loan has been reviewed by our finance department, we send any financial compensation to both owners and renters. Cash payment is not possible with HoppyGo.

Car owners have 24 hours to confirm your booking. If you are in a hurry to rent, we recommend asking for more cars at once, or to call us at the info line to help you choose the best option for you. Once an owner confirms the rental, the others are automatically cancelled and these are of course free of charge. This means you cannot be confirmed by more owners at once.

The HoppyGo system automatically reduces the cost per day when it is rented for multiple days. 3-6 days get a 20% discount, 7-13 days a 30% discount, more than 14 days is a 40% discount and more than 30 days is a 50% discount. HoppyGo is simply the ideal service if you are going to travel across Europe and need a car for a longer period of time.

HoppyGo is currently available in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Unfortunately, because cars are lent by individuals, it is not possible to pick up the car in one place and return it to different location/country.

First, when you book a car on your account, ensure have enough funds and have allowed internet payments. This is critical in order to make your reservation binding. After rental approval you can call with the owner directly thanks to our new app. Take your ID card, the one that you uploaded through the application and your driver's license. The owner must check your identity document during the handover and they must enter his last four digits in the application. The green card will be given to you by the vehicle’s owner together with a small technical form when the vehicle is handed over. It is very important to respect the owner's wishes while using the car. If it is not allowed by the owner, do not smoke in the vehicle, do not transport animals, do not travel outside the Czech Republic (not even Slovakia), generally treat the car as own property. We are entitled to fine any inappropriate behavior according to our price list of fines.

You may cancel your confirmed reservation free of charge, but no later than 3 days prior to the reserved date. In case of a cancellation less than 72 hours prior to the start of the loan, the owner has the right to charge a cancellation fee of up to 50% of the agreed rental. We will debit this amount from your payment and return the rest of your money to your account.

You are responsible for complying with all rules of the road. If you break them, HoppyGo can’t save you. If a fine arrives at the end of the rental period, the owner is entitled to demand payment from you. We will inform you of this situation either in writing or by phone call. For fines in the app, such as late return or breach of rental rules, you can find a list here.

If the owner cancels your reservation at the last minute or does not arrive at an appointment, please let us know immediately by phone +420 220 311 769, email or Messenger. We will do our best to help you find a suitable replacement vehicle to get where you need it.

You can return the car to the owner even before the booked return date without having to inform our customer service. But we would like to point out to the drivers that unless they are returning a car for serious reasons (such as a breakdown for example), they will still pay the entirety of the original loan amount. In case you wish to make your rental longer, call the owner to confirm it and than our customer service +420 220 311 769.

If the car has been returned properly, the refundable deposit will be automatically sent to you through our Braintree account, within three business days. After that everything depends on your bank, how quickly can it credit money back to your account. It is important to say that there is no payment transaction between the two banks, but between the bank and the payment gateway when returning the deposit. For this reason, it should be kept in mind that some time there can be some delays, even up to 7 business days after the successful end of the loan. Once our system has submitted a payment order, we are unable to influence this process in any way.

Deposits, insurance, claims and exceptional circumstances

Without a refundable deposit, the loan at HoppyGo cannot be completed and its amount is determined by the type of insurance you choose to borrow - CZK 5,000 for standard insurance, and CZK 1,000 with premium insurance. Your account will be deducted these amounts when your reservation is confirmed by the owner. Once the rental is completed, and the car is returned undamaged, without you exceeding the mileage limit, or returning a car with less fuel than you took it, then you will automatically get the full deposit amount back. You can also see more information here.

If you have insurance included in the loan via HoppyGo, the co-payment for the driver's claim is set at 10% or a minimum of CZK 10,000 for the standard insurance, or at least CZK 5,000 or 5% for premium insurance. This also includes a free car towing from anywhere in the European Union. Some owners have their own insurance for lending and the terms and conditions may differ from the terms of insurance provided by HoppyGo. Detailed conditions of the policy can be requested directly from the owner, participation is always shown in the overview see picture. In addition to the above, it is also possible to purchase a so-called "stupidity" insurance, i.e. the improper use or handling of the vehicle with coverage up to CZK 50,000 and a deductible of CZK 1,000. However, this insurance is valid only in the Czech Republic, and for more information please see Terms and conditions.

If you have accident insurance arranged via HoppyGo, call the owner first and agree with him on the next step(s) (where he wishes to tow the car, whether to the authorized service or if he/she wants to arrange the towing himself) and then call our assistance service (always do this second), they will either arrange a replacement car or a replacement service to your destination. Responsibility for defects must be determined by an authorized mechanic. As for the car with its own accident insurance, contact the owner of the car immediately about the situation and agree on a solution together. For example, if a clutch fails on the road because it is not properly serviced, the owner is responsible. Of course, if the driver fails to use it properly or overloaded it, it is on the driver.

If the situation requires police or rescue services, call them first. Then call us on our info line, +420 220 311 769, so we can let the owner know about the situation, or do it yourself. You will need to fill in an accident report on the spot or request a report from the police. If the vehicle is undrivable, and is insured via HoppyGo, you also have an assistance service that is available on our 24/7 info line 365 days a year.

If you do not have time to refuel to the original fuel level from the handover, then it is best to agree with the owner, give him cash for missing and consumed fuel and copy the same condition into the application as at the beginning of the rental. If you do not want to solve this, enter the actual fuel level into the application when returning and the application itself will calculate how much money we will add to your bill and forward it to the owner of the car.

If, on the other hand, it is refueled to a level higher than it was when it was handed over, then the difference in fuel needs to be settled in cash directly with the owner, ideally on the basis of a receipt from the petrol station, according to which you calculate the amount to be paid.

If you drive more kilometers than included in the rental price, just enter the final state of the odometer and the application calculates the final amount for kilometers above the limit. Each vehicle has its own price for over-limit kilometers, which the owners determine themselves. However, the price that was set for the vehicle when the owner confirmed your request will always apply to you. After concluding the rental, the final amount will be deducted from the deposit or from the payment card configured in your account.

The easiest way is to call us at our info line, report the situation, and document it with photos. Unfortunately, for HoppyGo, we cannot guarantee the cleanliness of every car that will be handed over, but we believe that the rating system will gradually eliminating problem owners. If the vehicle is in a technically poor condition, the loan can be canceled, after agreement with us, and then taken into account through the car’s rating in our system. Anyways, always let us know if we can help you find a replacement car.

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