HoppyGo isn’t just about cars

Ownership is a thing of past

We love cars and all benefits they bring - flexibility, convenience, or plain thrills behind the wheel. But we don’t have the urge to own one. That’s why we found HoppyGo. Quick and easy way to borrow a car.

Fast-growing platform

HoppyGo grew by more than 80% during 2020. And the demand for affordable and flexible mobility will continue to grow. The data clearly shows that a comfortable, affordable and sustainable way of traveling is going to be more and more popular.

A proud member of Škoda X

An ambitious vision needs a strong know-how. That is why Škoda X, one of the biggest innovators in the field of mobility, is our precious partner. Our goal is to inspire more people together.

We help by sharing

For so long we’ve heard that “Women and cars are not for sharing" and we had to step in! We break down stereotypes and encourage women drivers, especially thanks to the Ženy auta půjčují initiative, we strive to help women in difficult life situations. The availability of mobility can be difficult but is extremely important.

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28 123 687 CZK

That’s how much money people earned last year thanks to HoppyGo

39 261 days

Drivers spent on the road with HoppyGo in 2023

2 500 cars

You will find over 2 500 cars and 300 car models meeting your needs in the app

HoppyGo logo

By 2025, 43% of European drivers do not plan to own a car. It is estimated that by 2035, 7.5 million cars will be shared in Europe.

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