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Rent a car directly from its owner

Choose the perfect car for your next trip
for as long as you want - a day, a week or even a few months!

150 000 registered users
127 000 past rental days
2 500 registered cars

How does HoppyGo work?


Create a profile on HoppyGo

Upload your documents to the application and add personal information. We will verify your identity within 24 hours.


Choose the ideal car

Choose from thousands of cars exactly the one that suits you! As soon as the owner approves the request, we will send you a notification and a text message.


Takeover the car and set off

Agree with the car owner on the details of the handover. The application easily guides you through the whole process.

Choose a car

For a vacation, business trip or to move - choose the car you need.


Start renting a car

Register your car and start making money

Satisfied car owners

How does it work for car owner?


Create a profile on HoppyGo

Upload your documents to the application and add personal information. We will verify your identity within 24 hours.


Offer your car on HoppyGo

Upload vehicle registration documents and fill in the car profile. Our fleet team will call you and together complete the car registration process.


Confirm requests and start making money

Once added, your car will appear on HoppyGo. Update your availability calendar regularly and try to respond to requests as quickly as possible.


Why does it make sense?


Rent a car conveniently, transparently, without unnecessary paperwork, directly from your phone.


Pay for the car only when you need it. If, on the other hand, you have a car you do not use every day, you can cover its costs with us and get a side income.


HoppyGo offers solutions for efficient use of the existing vehicle fleet. The aim is to reduce the number of cars produced and the number of cars in total, especially in cities.


Rent (out) a car whenever you want. Users can choose from more than 300 models, and owners can rent their car whenever they don't need it.

Our partners

ŠKODA Auto DigiLab

The HoppyGo platform was developed and is operated by the ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab innovation center.


UNIQA Insurance Group provides car rental insurance and protects owners and drivers in every situation.

200 Kč credit for the first ride

You will find the bonus in the approval e-mail after registration.

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