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Instructions in case of a traffic accident

What to do in case of the accident
In case of a personal injury, please provide first aid and seek medical advice (call 155 or 112). Do not change the position of the vehicle at the accident site, if it is not necessary to rescue injured persons or to secure a traffic.

Please always seek Police (158 or 112), if

  • someone is injured (killed)
  • there is a damage to any of the participating vehicles, including transported goods exceeding CZK 100 000
  • there is a damage to the property of a third party (eg. building off road, parked vehicle, doe, fence, lamp post), except of the damage of the vehicle, whom driver takes part in the accident
  • there is a damage or destruction of roads (traffic signs, barriers, etc.), the amount of damage is not decisive
  • the participants in a traffic accident cannot agree on a fault
  • the participants in a traffic accident cannot secure the restoration of the flow of traffic by themselves without exerting undue effort
  • there is a damage to the vehicle caused by unknown perpetrator or the vehicle is stolen

Accidents without calling the police
In cases where there is no obligation to report the accident to the police, participants involved in the accident are required to draw up a common traffic accident record, sign it and immediately transmit it to the insurer. For this case, there is an European form recording traffic accidents. If the other party involved in the accident has the same form approved by the Comité Européen Assurances, but in a different language, these forms are the same. Therefore, you can translate each part of the content based on your form.
Please mention any witnesses of the accident, their names and addresses, to the record, especially if your opinion differs from the other participants of the accident.
If possible, take photographs of the place of the accident from different angles incl. detail of the damage.

Events Abroad
In the case of event abroad, please report this event to the local police or other competent public authority and then provide insurer with a written results of the investigation.

  • If you are guilty of an accident or there was a damage to the insured vehicle, report the damage to the insurance company as soon as possible,
  • If the harmful event occurs, insured participant is obligated to notify HoppyGo on phone +420 220 311 769
  • insurer will require documents and information that will be needed for the investigation of the insured event
  • If you are injured party, claim the compensation from the insurance company of the tortfeasor

Towing of vehicles
In case of an accident, theft or failure of a motor vehicle, the insured person can contact the assistance service on telephone +420 220 311 769 with a guaranteed non-stop service 24 hours a day.

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