Work in the future of mobility

Do you want your work to make sense? Are you fed up with streets full of parked cars and you believe in a more sustainable transport solution? So you think just like us! Join us to help improve the environment we live in.

We are a group of shared economy enthusiasts. We want to change the way people think about car ownership, and contribute to improving the environment around us. HoppyGo is a peer-to-peer carsharing platform - we connect people who need a car with those who can rent them. The simple idea of sharing with major impact.

HoppyGo tým

We don’t take things too seriously, and we try to keep things informal, we all get together at HoppyGo and after work we often go for a drink together. We like to eat too - Klárka organizes pancake days and Kristyna brings cheeses from the family farm for tasting. Our offices are located in the heart of Vinohrady which is the ideal place for any foodies, as we have flavors from around the world just steps from our doors. We also love animals - Matěj's dog Niels has become a corporate mascot and is ready to be cuddled at any time, sometimes digging for a snack in the trashcans. He’s ideal to change you mood after a demanding meeting. We are a diverse group that complement each other perfectly, and you can join us in our mission of developing carsharing. We started in the Czech Republic, but soon we are expanding to Poland and the CEE, and we certainly don't plan on stopping there!

What can we offer you

  • Discounts on HoppyGo car rentals
  • Electric kick scooters available for you to use
  • English course every week
  • Support your development through further education
  • Home office and flexible time
  • Pets (warmly) welcome
  • Office in the heart of Holešovice
  • Fair compensation
  • HoppyGo is growing and so can your career
  • Work closely with subject matter experts

I can be there when another service enters the market, which for car rental means what Uber meant for taxi services or for Airbnb hotels. I've always wanted to be part of a project that really changes the market it's entering, and I believe that's what is happening here and now.

Michal, CTO funny
Michal, CTO
Michal, CTO

Carsharing and MaaS (Mobility as a service) services in general are tools that make life easier for me. I love efficiency, and being able to travel by car at any time, leaving my maintenance to someone else, is like a dream come true. I would like to see as many people as possible [using these services]. If it succeeds, cities will be nicer too - less cars standing and motionless in the streets, will be welcomed by every citizen of a larger city.

Matej, CMO funny
Matej, CMO
Matej, CMO

In Prague I get upset seeing streets full of parked cars, some of them not moving for a week. Those areas could certainly be better used - parks, playgrounds, wider sidewalks, etc. So I see an excellent car-sharing solution that could reduce the total number of cars in the city.

Kristýna, Content Marketing Specialist funny
Kristýna, Content Marketing Specialist
Kristýna, Content Marketing Specialist

As an environmentally based person, I am motivated by the concept of sharing as well as the concept of recycling. If we ravage the planet, why not do our part to make it better, since emissions are one of the most harmful aspects of our planet. That's why I opted for carsharing. I like to communicate with people and by nature I like to help them. So here I can develop my personal abilities and learn alternative ecological thinking.

Klára, Customer Care funny
Klára, Customer Care
Klára, Customer Care

We are looking for new colleagues

Want to join HoppyGo? You can contact us with your CV.

Senior Back-End Developer (PHP)

We are looking for an experienced developer who will plunge into new projects with us, such as unlocking cars through our application, expanding within Europe and much more. We have a lot of new ideas.

Web React Developer

We are looking for an experienced developer who will help us bring better experience to our customers such as faster web, reworked UX in the application and new features.

Digital Marketing Specialist

As a Digital Marketing Specialist you will be in charge of the digital marketing activities with the main goal to acquire new customers across our markets and inspire these people to enjoy flexible & sustainable mobility thanks to HoppyGo.

Customer Care Specialist

We are looking for a person to help our users with everyday problems. You must have strong communicate skills by phone and e-mail. You must be able to use common sense, cope with stressful situations, speak English and get to know a sedan from a station wagon, ideally you like cars and mobility.
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